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20 Nov

In the ruins of Kourion’s Temple of Apollo

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It was put up or shut up. In 1984 I assembled a team of 14 specialists and students prin­cipally from the University of Arizona, where I now serve on the faculty and consult the students about financing – check out should you consolidate student loans. We arrived at Kourion on June 2, anxious to find Daniel’s trench. The next morning, expedition archi­tect John Huffstot arose early and departed for the bluff. He returned to announce dryly that he had found the trench’s outline in a mere ten minutes!

For four years my team has been unearthing Daniel’s Roman house room by room, includ­ing the unfortunate occupants who had been entombed. We have also dug at other locations in Kourion, with spectacular results. I had hoped to find isolated pockets of sealed earth­quake debris that would bolster my theory. But I never expected to uncover a site that was virtually undisturbed: Kourion had been com­pletely abandoned after the disaster. No one had returned to collect the dead. We felt like a rescue team arriving 16 centuries too late.


About two miles to the west, in the ruins of Kourion’s Temple of Apollo (left and below), built after the mid-first century, we found a major clue to the epicenter of the earthquake.


Archaeological geologists Reuben Bullard and Frank Koucky noted that the temple’s mas­sive rear wall had fallen to the north and east, indicating that the seismic wave may have come from the southwest. But where on this southwest vector did the epicenter lie?


At Paphos, a city to the west that had also shown evidence of the quake, our team noted that walls there had fallen to the north ind west— thereby acquiring another vector. We found that the lines intersected 30 miles south­west of Kourion. And there, where the African and Eurasian plates meet, occurs the only ,:area where colliding tectonic forces could have:pro­duced such a destructive earthquake.

The early shocks of the quake had sheared the upper third of the temple wall at Kourion, which became buried in earth and debris. In years to come, scavengers seeking budding stones plundered the portion still sta: Lding above the rubble. We thus found ourselves in the bizarre situation of trying to reconstruct a temple with a top and bottom but no middle.


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05 Nov

Car Title Loans

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The lenders do not also ask the borrowers to place valuable assets as a warranty as the payday loans are exempted from equity. One of the items you need to keep in view is how the suppliers you have to deal with will always charge you a great many fees and taxes when you are over if there was they have set. Should don’t have a payday coming then you must never be borrowing. You then a message to your lender explaining the problem to them and as an understanding company they will completely understand and these types of help you in two ways.

Beware this kind of does not occur to you too, generally go looking for the contract details and don’t give your bank details to service repair shop until you’re sure that you need a short term loan. If you will be looking at applying regarding your Wong loan then this web site should an individual out. Make sure that you repay mortgage loan on the due date to avoid enhanced and burdensome fines. On some streets in Las Vegas you do not have to drive 100 feet to knock into sign with regard to Payday Loan store or even an actual store, they are everywhere. Earlier Used to do a piece on the predatory lending habits of Buy Here Pay Here car dealers, and Payday cash advance stores take the cake.

This may seem like a large figure to loan in a calendar month but sufficient that since they allow. If I took that out over 30 days it would equate to £125 in interest and charges which in my mind is simply ridiculous. Payday loans absolutely no checking account have some mind blowing deals to supply at  http://www.xoomcounter.com/.

These quIck loans and Instant 2 hours are for those who have or wIthout bad credIt In Johannesburg, sauteIng, Cape Town, Durban, PretorIa, Port ElIzabeth additional major cItIes across South africa. The issue with getting speedycash is there’s a regarding fraudulent companies out there who will just in order to information and run. SBC has very strong networks in India their own more than 15 thousand banks and around 20 thousand kiosk.

Use process does not require a credit check. That might not seem getting huge loan and it doesn’t isn’t, but borrowing much money possessing your credit checked isn’t common. The theory is that can write a carefully consider a purchase, and simply sure how the funds are in the bank before the check clears.

After firearm control global meltdown, we are all aware that credit score has really become completely common. Since accounts which can be closed “for cause†are reported to Chex Systems, this works to make it incredibly difficult to look at another account elsewhere. If you are waiting to borrow a large sum of money over time then you ought to look some place else. Interest rates on business and mortgage are starting with 13 % to 22 % and itrrrs depending bank to banks basis.

The money amount is electronically deposited into the borrowerâýýs bank checking account within several hours. The market could have to arrive at the bottom before it may begin the climb online backup. Payday loans for bad credit are actually small 2 hours that are approved with pre examination. A person have get the funds, you should use money regarding purposes. When you are applying for a payday loan you get subject a few credit check, if you manage to pass through this the particular money you asked to borrow could be transferred for the bank account within half-hour.

Do figure out if you’re struggling with anything in a variety of. The lenders, for this reason, recommend the borrowers not to avoid payment. It is also good that the loan-seekers are not directed to fax their personal details to the lender, because saves time. This way one may say that these loans are very helpful in solving all of your current problems plus taking you of the financing crises completely.Payday loans for bad credit are smaller than average and short-term instant easy loans that are provided to every with a bad profile.

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11 Oct


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We probably have pre-conceived ideas about what makes us happy on Valentine’s day. If we’re already coupled up, spending time with our loved one in the most perfect romantic setting might be our desire; if we’re single, spending time with friends might be our preferred way to pass the evening, or we might wish that we had found that special someone. Whether you’re in a relationship or looking for ‘the one’, wouldn’t you like your Valentine’s day to be stress-free so that you can look back on it with fond memories? Look no further. Here are some tips that will increase your happiness levels, reduce stress levels and make this your best Valentine’s day ever!




Have you ever given a friend or a family member a birthday present or Christmas gift and when they seemed disappointed with your choice, it made you feel stressed?


Looking back you may have said to yourself (or even to them), “if you’d have told me what you wanted I would have selected something different”. It’s the same with Valentine’s day. Make sure you communicate your expectations to your partner in a clear, loving way and also ask them what their expectations are. It doesn’t necessarily mean the day will go exactly as you wish it to.


It does mean that you both have a chance of making the day better for both of you.




If you’ve ever said to yourself before a night out, “this is going to be a good night,” and it turned out to be a great night, you’ll know what’s coming next. This is an affirmation.


An affirmation is a statement (positive or negative) that you say out loud or mentally to yourself. It is a statement you believe or want to believe in from coconut oil.




“Valentine’s day is going to be fabulous, it’s going to be the best ever”


If you frequently say/think positive affirmations, with feeling and sincerity, and fantasise about your life going the way you want it to, these affirmations will eventually become self-fulfilling prophecies that can help you.


Write your affirmations down on post-it notes to stick around the house, or have them as your computer screensaver, to act as a regular reminder. Whilst you’re at it, leave special, romantic notes for your loved one around the house too. It will make the build up to the day even more exciting!




A perfect evening, a perfect partner, can only ever be a fantasy. Being imperfect doesn’t mean we don’t do our best, but it means that if our or our partner’s plans don’t go exactly as hoped, we neither berate ourselves nor them! Tell yourself that whatever happens you will make the most of it.


Some people can be in a beautifully tended garden, and will only see the weeds, whereas others will appreciate the beauty and softness of the flowers, their vibrant colours and aroma. What do you choose to focus on, on this special day of love? The things that go ‘wrong’ or all the wonderful things that work out so well?

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11 Oct

The reef harbors hundreds of other coral

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HOARDING GOLDEN ALGAE, tentacles of an adult Pocillopora coral stretch forth like an open hand to gather prey. Tiny stinging cells bulge from each tentacle’s outer surface and may also hide within the tips.


Graceful as a fern, Tubipora musica ex­tends eight fringed tentacles from around a conical mouth. Unlike most corals, it opens up in daytime, flourishing atop its unusual rust-colored skeleton. These limestone remains take the form of hard cross-braced tubes, hence the popular name, organ-pipe coral.

When I cast the shadow of my hand over the polyp or touch it, the organ-pipe’s leafy appendages immediately curl up and withdraw in self-protection, leaving only the dark cap seen at right. But a few minutes later they slowly emerge again.


Just outside my door on Heron Island the reef harbors hundreds of other corals, each species building in its own distinct shape—brains, fans, staghorns. Pink, yellow, orange, blue, and green polyps spatter the surface, forming a giant undersea garden of rainbow hues.


NEVER HEARD OF IT,” my scientist friend said when I told him I had seen corals capture fish. Acting on a hunch, I had put damselfish in a tank with a mush­room coral, which grows as large as a foot in diameter; this largest of stony-coral polyps has a mouth several inches long.

Each time I dropped a fish into the coral’s tank, some of the polyp’s tentacles pointed toward the swimmer, following its every move—perhaps by sensing light, motion, or chemical change. When a fish ventured too near, a tentacle or two grabbed and stung the victim. The fish frequently broke this initial grasp, sometimes tearing off chunks of its own flesh in the process.

One fish, stunned, swam crazily on its side and shuddered as if in shock. Soon the coral struck again, this time for keeps. Like a bucket brigade, its tentacles passed the paralyzed fish from one arm to the next, ever closer to the mouth. The coral’s accordion lips slowly bulged up, drawing its meal inexorably inward. As the fish entered tailfirst, its gaping mouth mimed a mute “Help!”  just before disappearing completely, only twelve minutes after the first contact.

REEF-BUILDING corals labor in silent concert with cementing pink algae. With limy secretions, the plants mor­tar together dead coral, sediment, shell, and other marine rubble, but­tressing the reef against the ocean’s ceaseless pounding. Paradoxically, although the reef withstands crash­ing breakers, it easily succumbs to careless beachcombers, divers, and boaters. If broken off from the rest of the colony, a chunk of living coral and whatever denizens it supports may perish.


As the sea ebbs; I trek to the reef crest and stand, my back to the ocean, looking at an azure lagoon be­tween it and Heron Island. The structure here , typical of most coral reefs, at first seems as deserted as the moon. But in a few minutes a crab rushes from its tiny cave to snip off a tuft of algae. A green-mantled clam spits water high into the air, then clamps shut. Gradually the reef’s niches and crannies come alive with tiny worms, sponges, and other marine animals. A wholly interrelated world reveals itself to me, the mas­sive but strangely fragile realm of corals and their companions.

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